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After a day on the plage
I would just like to say, that I am very proud to be a member of Red Clouds. My hubby and I have been members for 3 years now, and it has really changed our lives for the better. Before we became members, I had done very little expose for hubby, and didn't feel very good about myself, NOW, I am part of the toy test, waiting arrival of our second toy, after submitting two contri's from the first toy. Also I have been doing some Exposed in Public shots which we submitted today also. We now post live to the voy-zone Explicit BB, and on the Registered BB. We are really opening up sexually, and are looking for our first threesome soon. All of this is because we joined voy-zone, and started posting on the BB's. Thanks to all of the people who have given us such great comments, we have made some very good friends since we started posting. And a thank you to all the bashers as well, it proves to us that there are some very small gene pools out there, and a few mental midgets. Thanks again,

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Tit Slapping Well, my Mom finally dug it out from storage - my cheer outfit from when I was back in High School in CA! It's real, so it's not as sexy as some of those really tiny ones they make for stipping out of and stuff, but what do you expect. I did sure as hell have some fun times in this outfit, though!


we wish you a merry Xmas! We watched a few clip clips of women being mouth fucked.. I asked her if she thought she would like it. She said no she wouldn't. Then after watching a few more she said she wanted to try it... and we did and she LIKED IT..!!!