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BEACH FUCK - cozybear692001

fotos estudio
Hello naturist crew and fans!! Here we areon Bolivar/McFadden sand in High Island. You can see how much fun we had even though the weather was looking bad and it was starting to rain. We had a few people stop and check us was kinda funny watching them drive back and forth. Heide has never done freestyle pictures before and it was a new experience for her and she loves it now!! Look for part 2 and other scenes of us together from that day and evening!! This is a mix of pics by Norseman and Wbt. They had a huge ball taking these and both are still walking around with a smile!! Hehehe!! Don't forget to vote for us and enjoy!! Love,

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SHE'S A SWINGER I took it upon myself to enjoy some wine and, well, a few other things too. ;) Yes, I did put ALL of the toys you see to use, but I didn't think I should submit such a big avi, so here's part of it. There's always more to cum... As always, thank you for your comments and votes! xo


more pics of the girl Hi to all visitors! We first sent our photos made in the train... here is the movie!!! It was the very first time we did something like that in public. And what an exciting experience! Sure we'll do some more photos and videos soon if you, guys, like it... Tell us...