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A Day At Bottom Beach BVR

just teasing...
I am a lucky guy!!! After Walmart we stopped at an office complex. There were plenty of people in the offices on both sides of the stairs that got a good look at Teri thru the windows. We were there for 20-30 minutes. When she got near the top of the stairs she could see people in the parking lot hanging around. No one got brave enough to come over, which was probably for the best. She said to make sure that I posted how the breeze coming up the stairs felt really good on her hot pussy! She also wanted to let you know that your comments make her wet! Much more to come. Olympus D-360L

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Beautiful cooch Thank you to everyone who comments and votes for me. I wanted to show off my legs and other assets. It wasn't as bright as I was hoping that day so the photos aren't as nice as I'd like, but I hope you enjoy anyway. We had fun doing them. :)


Last sunday on a walk !! Kisses last post was indeed "poor" as noted by Scorpio52. Hope you find this redeems her. OBTW those that asked for unblurred shots were more favorably impressed. Thanks for voting thanks for your support of Kisses.