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Gypsy boy wank at the beach

more pics sent to me
While telling HtWifey my fantasy of wanting to I watch her get fucked by several strangers on a naked plage, she started to finger herself to orgasm. I asked her if she had that fantasy too. She said, no. She spoke about how when she was 20 she went to a naked playa with her ex and his two mates. Her ex massaged her arms and back and took her top off. Then her massaged her legs and ass and took her bottoms off. While on her stomach naked he pulled her legs apart and fingered her in front of his friends. Then her said she had to fuck all three of them, which she did several times. That was too much for me. I came. She then said, so yes, when I was 20 that was my fantasy. :-)

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you make the story! Hello guys & girls and kate. Here are some pics from a swingerscouple. This is our latex outfit bought at skintight. We are no fans of s&m but we just like to wear latex sometimes, to turn "everyone" on. Special thanks and french kisses to Mark and An for usind their chair and kitchen!!.


the wife,, These were quick snaps taken following some fun I had outdoors. It was a cold chilly day and they were a spur of the moment decision so perhaps a little rushed, but still wanted to share as hubby and I had great fun x