Nudism Photos

I and an elderly couple on the beach! Amateur!

Just out the shower
< This is our first contri. If the comments are good we have more to send in. My wife likes "attention" and loves to pose for the camera. This set of pictures were taken about 10 years ago on Halloween. She painted herself and put on the costume and off to a city park for the picts. After we were done we went into the city and she drove thru beer drive-thurs. When the attendant came up to her to ask her what she wanted. Well, I wish I could have taken a picture of them. One guy even ask her to get out of the car to help him find the bottle of wine she asked for. It was more fun than we expected. Please list this as Halloween Past. Thanks,

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Profile Self Shot This is our first time posting on RC. We have posted on the RCBB but never submitted one to RC. Hope you like the Mrs. We've been together 22 years and she just keeps getting hotter. IMHO not too bad for 41 and 3 kids. More if the comments are good and hot.


continuation of first set Hi gang. Been a fan for a long time now and decided to contribute. Call these "Brens butt + 1". They're of an acquaintance of mine from a few years back. The blond was a weekend fling... sorry its the only one of her I have. See you on the BB and as always, Pdpme.