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Tribut a una dona naturista

girlfriend on vacation...
So you've seen guy's upskirting girls in Vicki's Secret dressing rooms ... how about a girl upskirting herself? *grin* I had a few minutes to kill before work one day in the mall and tried my hand at a few shots inside the dressing room. Some stupid lady kept coming around and asking if I was alright - I should have said "hell no, take some pictures for me" because none were coming out right... The only halfway decent upskirt I got of myself was the last one.. Screw the lighting in those places! Do they make the lights up above extra bright so guys can't get pictures underneath the doors? Damn the man!! Sorry these shots are a tease, but the naturist needs a tease every once in awhile... I wouldn't mind going back and getting some more shots - give me your requests... Love,

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Little play this is my hot, sexy wife getting a little crazy for me. but this isn't nothing compared to what she does for me on a daily basis. she will drive you crazy without a doubt. she sucks a good dick and has a tight pussy, don't forget about that magic mouth!


Hope you enjoy this one! Hi VW/RC, I got these dildos the other day and boy is my pussy sore. I didn’t realize how big they were. I used them in conjunction with my vibrator (on my clit) and boy I had an “almost passed-out” orgasm. Headhunter MILF