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dave gives nat a good headjob at the beach

She`s my beloved slut!
i Kate, June and gang, This is my final attempt to submit a contri. I've sent these in two times before now but they haven't made it. Kate, is it the Vodka, the home grown, or am I just not up to standards? These were taken by a friend with a color quickcam but I have a digital camera now. If these get posted and it appears the viewers want more I'll try again. There are only 5 pics here and no WfI's, the quality isn't great either but with the new camera I can take care of both of those problems. PLease call these QueTee is you decide to post them. P.S. Now I have an idea why they haven't been posted. I was sending to the webmaster and not the contri address. Sorry for the mix up it's just a bit confusing

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My sexy Roma Gypsy ass. east coast guy on a business trip on the west coast. Had the laptop and camera, wife at home with the PC, so I took these to email her and let her know I was thinking of her! Next time the camera stays home with her - it's her turn! Appreciate any comments from the ladies.


wife shows off This is my secend attempt. Just wanting to test the waters and get some feed back. If you like them I have many more, and would love to trade with open minded women, looking for a female photographer in Southern CA, if any are interested, leave me a message. Keep up the good work!