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Devil Requests 6 (Swan) - Hi everybody, This is a very special contri for me, cause I had to be so daring to do this. First I had to find a place and a swam. Then I needed to find a way to get him close to me. And in the end the most daring part to get him on the wall next to me. I never knew I was so daring!!! It may look quite simple but believe me it is not. Adrenaline level to the MAX!!! Never have been naked with a swan before. Just imagine how it would feel if he would grap one of my nips !!! Or take a bite of my legs....but I DID IT !!!! And this time I need to say: The Devil made me do it!!! Have fun again and be careful if you wanna try this yourself, cause swans are not that friendly every day!

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my wife's skinny. Natasha's working on a little tan. I know some of you really like her creamy skin, but it's summertime. There's going to be a contri in RC under the same title, for those of you who want to see everything. She's keeps talking about getting implants, what do you think? See ya soon....


i had a lot a fun Mmmmmm, I got sooo horny while my boyfriend was taking photos of me for VW, that I couldn`t wait any more to play with his toy. There are three sets of that session, here you have the first one. Enjoy!! Que las disfruteis!! Hasta luego Lucas!!!