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Spanish brunette in the beach

This is my very sexy wife and she noticed that i was looking at your website and asked if i would like it if she contributed. She said that it would turn her on to have other men look at her and to read thier comments. I keep telling her how sexy she is but she doesnt believe me, so guys please let her know. She wants to sit and read your comments while i make her cum. Please be very specific in what you would do to her if you had the chance. I dont know why but it really turns me on thinking of having another guy touch her and make her cum and seeing her go down on another guy while we have sex. Thank you and enjoy

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took some pics for me Just think a month ago I didn't want to show my face. Several postings and lots of great comments later and I am out at a public park, with joggers and bike riders just feet away. Oh my gosh, was the adrenaline rushing!! I LOVE IT! I was so scared and excited. Let me know what ya'll think...


please don`t show email. here is some photos of vivi on a bridge . in the background is a verry busy road and shopping center .the photos were taken in a public park after we recieved over 18 inches of snow.this was one of our funest pic shoots to date