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Wanking at the beach for boats

wer wichst live auf sie...
Dear Kate and June, I have attached a zip file containing 10 JPG's numbered 1-11. Her name is Sue. She is my loving 36 year old wife and mother of 3. The first 7 are of my wife striping off all her clothes on a hike we took when we were on vacation in the islands recently. The next two are of what she wore under her skirt when we went to dinner later that day. And finally the last is a picture of her on our honey moon almost 14 years ago. We found a secluded little lagoon and took lots of pictures. I also have some more up skirt pictures picure that we took later in the week on our vacation. She thought that she might be to hairy in the shots so we went back to the hotel and she promptly shaved it all off!! What a sport! I thought I would see what the response to these were before I sent them in. Any takers??? Enjoy!

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Enjoy these! Once again these are from her birthday weekend a few months ago. These are a few that we took walking along a boardwalk in the woods. Ahprodite is getting more and more bold as we keep posting, so hopefully that will keep leading to more pictures.


pics from a lake Kate and Asher, Here's my next contri for RC. I am amazed at the comments on the Bulletin board from the last set. Guess I'll just have to keep sending more until people get tired of seeing me. Hope everyone enjoys these.