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Beach video - blow job

I had to try it once :-)
It really turns me on in a BIG way to see my wife exposing herself in front of other people like this, but this was more of a "sneaky" and "private" exposing. However, on the last day, when we got out of the pool and went into the communal showers -- where people normally just take a quick rinse while *still wearing their swimming costumes* just to get the pool-water off before they head into their own private secluded cubicle to change -- my wife surprised me by asking me if I'd mind if she took off her swimming costume entirely whilst in the communal showers. Of course I didn't mind! She was doing it purely for practical reasons (so that she could have a "proper shower"), and she wasn't *intending* to turn me on or make a show, but damn, seeing her completely naked right there in front of dozens and dozens of other men and women, who were all walking past her and even standing next to her in the open rows of showers... Damn, that turned me on! I so wish I had my camera on me then!

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I love these boobs. Hi, We're from New Zealand - any other Kiwi's out there? We're both 29 and we love to trade, and occasionally play.... If you're a Kiwi couple and would like trade, leave us a message and we'll get back to you! We haven't done this for a while, but she loves to read everyone's comments.


A little tease Hello vw'rs, we are testing the new Canon Power Shot S 30, when you can give tips about this camera, thank U! Hope you like these already, and let us now if it'ts ok to send more contris taken with the Canon, xxxx