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Jack Hardin beach babes 2

2 sets of boobs
Hi naturist crew and fans! I know my "anxious husband" is about to post "Julie's Third", so I thought I'd beat him to the punch and send one for the gals. Please post in the NIP section as we've been caught there by others (in some embarassing moments). Sorry these aren't "at attention", but those are only for me. Please let him (and me) know what you think. We took these with a digital camera (the only way to go). Kate, (or is it Zoey) you can put these in any order, but please be kind. My "anxious husband" is over 40 and you (Kate & Jerry) know how men get over 40! Thanks, and don't post my E-mail address!

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having fun with the cam This is for all the middle aged goddesses who have graced this site. They are all so beautiful and have given me a great deal of pleasure. This is my way of paying them back. Hope at least one lady will enjoy my modest contribution.


Made in the shade. Hi! I am new to this site. Please vote if you like my photos and don't hesitate to provide any thoughtful words about my contribution and I will post more. These pics were taken on inflatables where shoes are prohibited, let alone high heels!