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Couple Fucking In Public On Beach

Laying by the wet
Hello everyone! I just wanted to continue to thank everybody for their great comments that keep me coming back to naturist. Of course the great sex after shows off doesn't hurt either. I tried to turn in this contri earlier, but it got sent to nudist(and should be posted by now). However, I have a couple fans who haven't ponied up the $25 to get into nudist:(, so here is the less explicit version. It is comprised of shots that didn't quite fit into prior contris (hence the B-sides title). Hope you all like it! I loved all the comments for my last contri, but what happened to the great ones from the ladies? Best comments will get a special email of the picture that was not allowed here :) Thanks again for keeping me wet and horny! XOXOXOXX, PDPME

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* kisses * Thanks for all the nice comments and votes recieved after the last set of pics. And yes guys, she is 50. Sorry I cannot show her full face, but she has a job and no need for them to know about these. Enjoy and if favovorable comments come again, I'll see if I can get you some more.


I miss you guys I love 3D pics. I've made thes stereogams with 2 cameras. Look at the first pic to know how to get a 3D pic with 2 left/right images. If you want to know more about 3D sex pic (and videos), just click on the link "her site" at the right of this text. Comments are welcome.