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My ass in a g-string
Well ladies and gents, I think we've created a monster! After reading all of the great comments for her naturist e-contri's and *SW series in PS, Nikki has agreed to throw her ass in the ring for the classy hardcore comp. Let me tell you, it was all I could do to control the "rise in my Levi's" as we took these pics. As you can tell by the pics, we had a sex buffet and started out with a dildo, moved immediately to sucking my dick, played with her now swollen clit, then brought it all home with the butterfly! As sweat dripped from her beautiful face, I showed my appreciation for a job well done and gave my beautiful wife, a deep, long kiss. Once you recapture your breath, wipe off your dickbeaters and show your luv with a vote, comments or BOTH (*SW on PS and now the *CH on RC)! She wishes she could thank each and every one of you with a personal email, however it just isn't practical due to the incredible response to her postings. Check out the PS BB for her to show her thanks. In the meantime, here's some pics to show your efforts are being appreciated by my sexy lady. Much respect...

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The wife from work. A quick change of costume and scenery from part 1 - "Ink & Ice"'s another low-fi contri for all you Dolls & Gents who requested more ink. Candles, scotch and sex. Could there be a better midsummer night?


More of this Perra On nice quiet nights Jane loves a cigarette, a pina colada and a great roll in the hay. Tarzan is very obliging. Who could resist the Tigress, she has the sexiest lips, wettest pussy and tighest ass in the jungle. If you like the Queen of the jungle write her and send pix, requests and comments.