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You tell me.
Captures From A Hand-held Electronic Home Recording Device. Got that, pedants? Before the Holy Grail, I lay down these final vidcaps for your gentlemanly aesthetic consumption. ============ I forgot all about her what with the lesbian frenzy going on, but how could I? This cute as a button French Teacher (FRENCH nationality, TEACHER by occupation - I know enough of the lingo to understand what I overhear) stayed at my appartment complex.=============== When she planked herself down near me on the sands my eyebrows went for the high jump record. It was my 'day off' so to speak (hungover, lol) and all I had on me was my trusty but terminal camcorder. But, one last heroic effort from the machine that started it all did the business.===========When she and her man stripped at first she remained very demure - top on, sitting down. After an hour or so, intuition proved spot-on and I caught her getting ready to leave.==========There's just something sweet about catching a shy girl bottomless. Somehow the exhibitionism is magnified and the buzz increased. Until I deliver the Holy Grail (soon, soon, ladylove heaven), enjoy what may be the last Sandfly vidcaps you'll ever see on naturist. . .

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