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public masturbation on beach

Hello to all my Good Friends! Thank you for your kind comments on my Vacation, so far! In the first pics, we're still at Devil's Tower and the latter ones are of Independence Rock. A great place tovisit if your interested in History. Watch out for Rattlesnakes!!! I've been getting comments to show myself naked around other people! I won't do this when children are around! I'll sneak out a tit! But, not much more! Those of you who have visited these places we're visiting, know how many people are around with kids! Also, my 'Pee'Contri and another Contri are now posted on voy-zone. Just look for my name in the title! Sorry, they couldn't be posted here! Thanks again! Kisses,

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This is my hubby again M* Myself - 1st Time Only For The Women - No story - just got up this morning, picked up the camera, made the pics smaller for vw and now i am waiting for the good comments :) if the comments are good, i post more :)


Missy sucks her mans cock. I got so many requests for "casual" in bed style shots wearing what I would normally wear to bed. Here I am getting ready for a good nights sleep....after removing my panties to rub myself :) Let me know what to do next? the most requested gets posted.