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fucked hard on the beach

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Every so often we have heard about hot tub room rental places, and finally this weekend we got around to tracking down a nearby one and going to it. The place we ended up at is in Portsmouth, NH and we were pleasantly surprised at how clean and well run the place was. We rented a room with a hot tub for two hours and, since we brought our camera with us, took a bunch of pictures while we were there. Just FYI the cost at this place was $32 per hour for two plus $6 per hour per additional person, which was less than we expected. The room was kind of dark so we had to use the flash on the camera - in the future if we rent another room there hopefully it will have better lighting. As always, comments and suggestions on this contribution or ideas for future contributions are welcome. We try to respond to most of the comments we get and we have an Fnudistpage for anyone interested at

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My first try at VW You know I love being watched! After a horny day of taking naked pictures me and my man went to the local sex store and then parked at a popular public playa. I was so aroused at the idea that the strand goers could see me rubbing my pussy in the truck as they walked by. I hope you enjoy watching too!


PER ADMIN TO EXPLICIT Here we go. First contri to anywhere. Hope you like. Love comments - good one's GREAT, if not - sorry (not!) More pics to come with suggestions! Anxious to hear. Please do not post e-mail address. Enjoy!