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Hi everyone, It's been freezing cold out the last few mornings, just last weekend it was 80 degrees. It's hard to believe only a few weekends ago we took these shots. Some of the leaves were just starting to turn colors. It's not always easy finding somewhere different to take pics, west campus was Boris's idea. I'm sure he was hoping to see some hot young chics out playing but it backfired on him, we mostly saw sweaty young guys that had just got done playing football and soccer. Isn't life wonderful! hehe! Hope you enjoyed letting me tease you. Thanks for all the sexy comments, you all are fantastic. Luv, Natasha n' Boris xoxo

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walk in the tube This is my 22 yr old girlfriend Kristy. She wanted me to send in these pics of her bound and gagged. Kristy really enjoyed all the comments from our last contri and is really hoping more women will leave comments. Kate, Sailor and the whole crew she and I agree you guys are the best.


Emy in Public. Enjoy 23 Yr Old Redheat - My innocent girlfriend thought it would be sexy to take some pictures of her during our trip to Cancun. She is normally so shy that I was surprised she went for it. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did taking them.