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Model Squirting on Beach BVR

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Hey everyone at the naturist. I was having a mind block when it comes to taking pics lately, we hadn't taken any in 5 weeks. That's a long time for us! hehe! A friend requested a pic of me in a white T-shirt with my nipples showing through, so we set out to have some fun getting those shots. After we took the T-shirt pics, when we were on our way home, I suggested we stop by a park. We took a few shots and it felt so good, but there wasn't enough for a contri and because it was so crowded I didn't get nekked. So we decided to go back the next morning. I wore a dress so I could strip fast. hehe! Got nekked and had lots of fun! Thanks for all the nice comments on my other contris. Everyones been great! Luv, xoxo

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News body... Dear Kate, Here are some see-thru shots of Me. My boyfriend left a note for me to send some HOT pics to you for the contest. He told me he want to see them on your site and to make them so Hot, he would cum just looking at themÝ Hopefully, I succeeded.Yours Truly,


let the light in! We went away for a weekend of sex, public exposure and, well sex again, really. Toni was standing in the hotel room window in her underwear at one point, but my camera skills let me down, sorry guys - too much camera shake!