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natura beach with naomi1

Merci & Cam
Hello nudisters! Kate & Crew! How is everyone? Great, I hope! Well, had a silly idea to get a bunch of money, throw it all over some sheets, and roll around in it. It was as exciting as it seemed it would be. Hehe Hope you enjoy these. There is a avi clip from this night coming up in Homeclips if its not already there! :) Turned out to be a very nice evening! *Evil Grin* I realized that I forgot to mention to everybody what kind of car that was a few weeks ago that I took pictures in! LOL For the couple of you that said a Lexus....You were right! As for the mention of me cutting my hair in my last set of many of you said I better not, so you have made it a little harder to make my mind up! LOL Thanks for all of your thoughts! You guys are so nice! Take care guys and girls...xoxoxo Michele

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For her . . . My Girlfriend is 21 year old student that loves her toys and is exploring the naughty fantasies she has while away with me in school. So far she has about 30 sex toys in her dorm room and she lets me watch and play with her. Damn College life is the best and hope her parents never see these.....


Love these girls .... Grabbed these at the horse race in Baltimore. Need to invest in a better scanner or digital cam. I couldn't keep up with these babes who were ripping their tops off at a furious pace. Sun + beer = lotsotitties.