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Hi Kate, Jerry, Sailor, Asher and crew! voy-zone is so much more than a place to see nekkid pics in the privacy of your own home. Although that is fun too! hehe! The communities that have grown from this site is amazing. From being able to converse with your favorite contributors, to getting to meet people that have the same interests as your own (hey honey, see we aren't weird! LOL!), to even discussing the hot topics in world politics, naturist has quite an array of topics to interest everyone. Including those who just say 'Shut up & suck!' The naturist contributors have their own community that has spun some fun projects in the past, such as the naturist Yearbook. This new project is a panty exchange between contributors. We signed up for the project and had our names pulled randomly to partner up. My partner is Miss Meg. After we exchanged some statistics, the fun started. I've never especially liked to shop, but shopping for someone as sexy as Meg proved to be a lot of fun. And hey...who could resist shopping for panties for that ass? LOL! After visiting one of my favorite lingerie shops, I found 2 pairs for sweet & sexy and the other hot & spicy! I couldn't decide, so I sent both to her...we'll have to see her pics to find out which one she likes best. I can't wait! ;)~ I loved receiving her package to me. Fun little panties with a cute little design and tie sides...hmmm, for easy access? LOL! Also a little note that made me smile! Thanks Meg! The panties you picked are perfect! I hope you all enjoy my pics with the panties that Meg bought! ~wink~ Love, Nikki ;)~

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Hopy you enjoy same day by gate 1 car went by but saw nothing ,but a small micro-light got an eye full he went round us till we went a-way ps we loved the comments all readeven the bad -sad ones if you can do better then do it in the same places as me oh school teacher sould be at school not here


I love these boobs Hey, it's Cameron again! My boyfriend absolutely loves when I wear this corset for him, and I think it looks super sexy even if paired with only jeans. So here ya go! I love tying it really tight so my boobs pop out the top (as you can see!) Keep those VW comments coming!!!