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Nude Beach - Exhibitionists Pt 04

Mature mother of 4
Hi again. I took more pictures of April at her request. Her boyfriend is loving our little project, and bought a digital camera for us. and has taken a few of us together. I am very ready to join her, as taking her picture was very exciting. The full naked one I took while she slept, so she will see it here for the first time. I hope you don't mind April? The others were in the car going to dinner.We are just roommates, but I find myself enjoying looking at these pictures of her. Tell her(and her b/f) that you want more....including her beautiful face! I will keep photographing her. thanks, and we love your site. love

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Yours Nicole No its not a new sex act but I got your interest didn't I? LAGNIAPPE (LAN YAP') DEFINITION - [French Creole (chiefly in New Orleans area)] - A little something extra; A bonus; Something unexpected; A small gift of appreciation given. Lagniappe for our fans while we're gone.


Deep in the ex's ass We did another shoot this weekend with a toy and vegtable...Still have about 50 to post from this shoot..Any one want to see? Votes and coments help. She reads all coment & will take input from all u R/C voters