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lets go to the beach...

Hello boys and girls!
Hot Secret - On The Sand - Just some photos we made on a plage in Sani, Chalkidiki. We would like to thank you all for your wonderful comments! Sorry for blurring Hot Secret's face... I would love to show you her expressions while we shoot but she doesn't want her face exposed. Sad, but there's nothing i can do. And stupid comments like "NO FACE NO VOTE" are not going to change that. We post here because it's fun and neither me nor Hot Secret are going to do something we don't want for a stupid vote. If you don't like that, simply don't view our contris! Paidia eyxaristoume poli gia ta kala sas logia. Distixws i Hot Secret den epithimi antallagi me zeygraria, sorry! Mas aresei poli omws na diabazoume ta sxolia sas opote min stamatate na stelnete! Isws brethoume kai apo konta me merikous gia kamia fwtografisi kapoia stigmi... Episis psaxnw kopela konta sti thessaloniki pou tha ithele na fwtografithei. An iparxei kamia as afisei mail!

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Happy valentine to me Hallo my dear friends. Glad to be here again with our new pictures! It is our first Autumn 2014 pictures. We had a big fun that day! Wind, sun, sexy mood... What can be better for great set?!? Enjoy! Kisses, Nicole with love...


Boobs and Bush... Annabel is a friend I met online and she's a sex freak! She's into all kinds of rough sex including and especially anal and loves to get her ass ripped by a huge cock! These are some of her pictures that she sent me a few days back. These were shot right before her boyfriend was about to fuck her brains out!