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sexy legs in pantyhose
She is a 40 plus Mother of four.She is beautiful and well fit for her age.Not many wives would leave their spouses such a present now and then.Lucky or what?She also holds down a very responsible and life saving job.She's fun and always has been.Incidentaly, In Europe we don't have the same facination for shaving as you may do in the colonies, so for those with the negative 'hairy' comments and the 'Shave' shouts, button it.Shaving is a matter of choice not necessary hygiene.There are pros and cons to shaving.Thanks to those for the good comments and I suspect the negative ones are from unlucky non contributers.

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Revenge is sweet.... In response to some comments. Sometimes she likes it shaved, sometimes not. She loves it hard and wet especially from the back! We have more if these are liked, those with negative comments can move to the next contri. Enjoy!


what I love !! I love to have my husband take pictures of me and post them for all of you to look at and rub yourselves. The thought of a million guys & girls looking at me (and hopefully touching themselves) gets me so wet and I can't stand it....then my husband usually gets to reap the rewards:)