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Hi Kate, Jerry, Sailor, Asher, and all you Redclouders! WOW! I can not believe how positive everyone was over at naturist about my surgery. THANK YOU!! These pics continue on that set. (Freestyle/GwS - 7/18) Jme and I were afraid it would be months before we could take new pictures after having my surgery, but last weekend I decided to try on some of my clothes to see if they would fit or not. Almost everything still does! ;)~ Sexy clothes stared to get me a little excited and soon enough I decided to have Jme get the camera. I have always loved tank tops and once I saw this one on I figured I would have to share the pictures, and as usually happens it got me all fired up and I began to play it up for the camera. Pretty quick I was completely horney and into the toy drawer I went for a recent addition from the naturist store. (I'll send the whole review and to the toy section soon!) As you can tell I REALLY enjoyed myself! Wait 'til you see part 3! Love,

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Sit down, shut up, enjoy Having to wear high heels and dressing in business attire is SO confining at times. Sometimes I like to wear hot stuff underneath and I have to resist the temptation to unleash it. I was weak on this day. Hope you enjoy a heated accountant !!!


I love dirty comments!! alle meine Fan's - die andern sollen es sein lassen - Meine Fans wollten mehr ganz nackte Part 4 kommt Ihr voll auf Eure Rechnung. Alle die mich nicht mogen, verstehe ich. Schaut einfach weg.