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Ms. Intrepid bends.
Sam: Naughty Girl - Hey Hey Hey, Ok, I feel like I'm on a roll here. So I put together a batch of older pictures from the batch I had orginally put together for my ex. Those that don't know what I'm talk about just click on my site link and you can read my WONDERFUL story on what I am referring to. These pictures were meant for him and my friend has this RAD bright blue room in her house so I took some pictures there. These are a few of those no one has ever seen before. Hope you like! I was thinking about it, and I think I am going to list myself as just "SAM" from now on. I was looking through the Section Ranks by model's names and there are a lot of Samantha's here. Is it wrong to want to stand out a bit? So remember if you see a "SAM" here that means me! =)

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Morning a little hard? Baby-Girl absolutely LOVED all of the comments (good and bad). Soooo ... I was prompted to continue with the "L.A." series. We really hope you like these as much as you liked the first post. Thanks to your comments we are lifelong contributors.


A few of me at 50. HI to all redclouds. I got such a good responce and made some new friends after my last posting, I thought I'd send part two. Love to hear comments, will reply to all with address, lots of pics to trade with friends