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carli strips at beach shower

My perky boobs ;-)
Hello Kate and crew! Hey all! Hope everyone is doing great. I can't believe how fast time is flying by these days. Christmas is just around the corner, just think! TC had off and we wanted to get out of the house. (we just took these)We decided to drive awhile to this one place we love to camp at during the summer. We didn't think too many people would be there this time of year, and we were right. *thank goodness* I hate when we think of a good place and it is too crowded to take pictures. This day turned out perfect, and I just love the way they turned out. I think this will be in two parts, because there are a lot of pictures that TC and I really like. I hope you enjoy them!! Please let me know........ Hugs, Cherokee

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The last summer vacation I am a single male in Texas who is in between girlfriends. Would love a pretty woman who wants to go for a ride. Either on the bike or in bed. Any ladies up for a Breezy Ride? thanks for the website, dont show any faces or email. Thanks


lets try something else. Hot Cherry Of Lolly If you have pay attention to my previous contributions, you know that this is the part 3 of the cherry story ! I ask myself if you like this little cherry ? Pops appreciate, i know ! Bye bye !!! "Rendez vous" in part 4 !!