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Caught in Beach Shower BVR

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Since hubby gave this set away in his compilation contris, I already know several of you have asked me to do some really perverted things with my twin sister. Not gonna happen a€“ we draw the line at actual incest a€“ ita€™s bad enough I let her use my husband several times during our visit. I did it to make them both happy a€“ him because, well, hea€™s a hopeless sexual deviant a€“ and her because of her divorce last year. She was married for almost twenty years and has not had any easy time being single a€“ she hadna€™t been laid in over a year, she confided in me and I suspected it was the REAL reason for her visit. She always felt comfortable and close to my husband and we always talked about tricking him, but she kept her hair so weird and punky that we could never pull it off. Not like youa€¦ I bet youa€™re about to pull IT off right now, you fucking bone-yanker! I mean, JEEZ, give me a break a€“ this is my TWIN SISTER, ya€™alla€¦ dona€™t you feela€¦ dirtya€¦ watching?

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Friend's wife Hi Kate, Jerry, Sailor, Asher and Gang! :) This past weekend Shane and I had some "free time" So.. I grabbed one of my old ww's and we headed off to OBX. Here are a few of the pics that we took... More coming soon..hehe.. xxoo,


Second contri Hi All! We wanted to do something special for our boys and gals serving our country. Andy says it can get pretty lonely away from home, so hopefully this will help remind you of home, no matter where you are! We are very proud of you! Good luck, please be safe!! Love ya! Eye