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Nude girl on beach - 2

Sexi wife:-)))
Hello to all naturist crew and friends.Hubby and I were recently in the Los Angeles area so we couldn't resist a jpg shoot outside in the nice weather. Hubby took these photos in Mile Square Park in Santa Ana next to the golf course. There were several times I had to quickly get dressed since golfers and late afternoon joggers ventured close by. One man kept circling on the path several times while we were taking the photos on the park bench. I look forward to your comments. You can find more Mile Square photos in Hubby's Corner as well as other naturist submissions and exclusive photos on my new Pro Adult site: HUGZ, ( . )( . )

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alot of fun... My photographer says that he has inspired himself to "Venere" of Botticelli! And he has photographed my naked body between renascence monuments of Rome. Thank you all for the great commentsfor the previous shot.


Sensually yours. Here are a few assorted pics of my beautiful wife. First time so be kind and we hope you enjoy. Please feel free to comment on the quality or offer advice on taking better photos. By the way her name is Celeste. yummmmy.