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Nice Ass Walking on the Beach

After a warm up we play
These are the photos of my wife having sex with an european visiting India. We met him ( let me call him Tom) at a restaurant in New Delhi, which we had decided upon earlier through emails. Tom immediately made himself close and comfortable with my wife. Though I was a bit worried about people we know, getting to see us, incase they came to the restaurant, but he didnt seem bothered. The risk was turning me on, and could see it was turning my wife on too. She didnt try to avoid his hold, which was making him bolder. I could make out his hand was below the table , most likely under her dress, as she was trying not squirm. We left shortly for his hotel in a taxi. I was really taken aback, when he started kissing my wife in the taxi. The Taxi driver was even more surprised than me. He knew for sure that she was not Tom's wife. He could assume what was going on. The taxi driver was going on looking at us through the mirror. His eyes were popping out, I thought we would crash ! We finally did reach the hotel safely. Tom and I had already agreed upon and were keen on photographs being taken., a copy of which I have sent him through email. He was well endowed as you can see. Once inside his room , he took my wife in his arms and began to kiss her passionately. My wife too responded with equal fervour. This was truly a very erotic sight.To cut it short, he tried everything with my wife including anal sex, as you can see in the pictures. She had never allowed me to have anal sex with her prior to this ! He took her anal virginity! As it was our pleasure for me to share my with another, its our pleasure to share these pictures with you all. Hope you like them.

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I wanted it slow and deep. M* Just Getting Home From Work - First Contri- Sorry a little blurry. Just getting home from work and feeling a little horny and just goofing around. 33 yo NYC - Try-sexual ;) for camming and email. Love all types.


Hi Kate & Voyeurwebbers! Hi everyone, it was such a pretty day and i felt like being outside enjoying the warm wind blowing against my skin.No one was around so it was time to snap some pics.These may not be the best i ever done,but i hope you like them. And for those of you who have nothing kind to say, don't look! victoria