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Jasvinder here in Sari
Hi to everyone out there in naturist land from Finland :) Finally we got our 4 bondage series ready for you.With some goodwill from the naturist crew this first one will go to PS. We're quite new into bondage, but gosh this is really something :)) After gotten into this can't think of anything more stimulating. It's simply just so extremely erotic - being tied up of T's careful and loving hands, the feeling of the tight ropes around J's boobs waiting to be sucked, the crotchrope stimulating the clit and not to forget the passionate love making... All what it's about in its own beautyful way is love, passion and trust between two people. We've tried to reflect this special mood also in the series. Of course we're aware that s/m doesn't appeal to everybody. If you don't like, don't bother to waste your time here. If you do like it, pls leave a comment - they will be read with pleasure and make us horny... Enjoy :))

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Hubbys Anv pics from 2011 This is this first submission of a series of public shots we did about 3 years ago. They are in very public places as you will see as the series progresses. She really likes to get naked in public. Of course, your comments will determine whether she will want more of herself posted.


here are a few more of me Many thanks to people who sent e-mails. I enjoyed your feedback and here are more photos of me. My boyfriend enjoys looking at me masturbate and then have sex. He tells me this VW experience have added more excitement to our sex life. I did not expect to receive many e-mails and it was a pleasant surprise. :)