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Making Her Squirt At The Beach

4p - ist 4p
Hi everyone! Last month my hubby sent in a mp4 of me going to the drive thru completely naked. Never done that before but my husband dared me and I said sure as long as I dont get in trouble. After the clip came out you guys said so many nice things that I have to admit made my head really big, but my ego is back down to earth now and I made another clip of me trying on a special costume that I will be wearing at Fantasy Fest! Yes Fantasy Fest, and I have never been there before but after looking around this site my husband and I decided we should go and have some sexy fun! My special little "costume" is all rhinestone and very revealing. Do you guys think I should wear it? Is it too much? Let me know!

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A lil vodka can do magic, Hi! I send you again some pics of my lovely Gea. She appreciated very much all the very nice comments to her previous contris: thanks to everybody! Here we are on a ship/museum in the Halifax harbour. Gea hopes to receive many new and nice comments, and send many kisses to all of you.


Prego Fun! Prego Fun! Hi! Here is another clip for you all. I will be sending in a few more new ones soon. If you like to see more, you can visit my site at Please leave me a message on my board or email through the site. Thanks!