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V.W. Here are some more pictures of my beautiful 36 yo mother of 2 wife, due to all the encouragement/positive feedback from my first submission entitled Beauty in the Woods. This is my second contri --I got her to do the first one because I won a bet. This one she did more willingly because of all the good comments on the board. I think we're bringing out the exhibitionist in her! We went back to the woods even though it is fall and there is minimal foliage for her to feel protected by. I think she was actually excited by the fact that it was more risky. We started taking pics in a spot off the path, near the road. After we took a couple, I noticed a car horn in the background and looked over to see a guy giving us the thumbs up out his window at a stop light! She really enjoyed the pic with the stranger approaching in the background. If you keep sending positive feedback, it's no telling what she's going to be willing to do. Please title: Beauty Bares More in the Woods. PDPMEMA!!!

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another rear view It doesn't get any better than this: a nice day, a relaxing drive, no underwear, and a camera! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did and stop by my web page at for more of my pics and stuff. Summer is almost here!


Kisses to all VW fans! Hi VW, always like walking around naked in my apartment, so one day my boyfriend caught me on camera while I was cooking. It was a lot of fun, and we made a bunch of other pictures too. I hope you like the ones I send you. Xoxo, Joelle :)