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Hello Kate, Asher, Sailor, Caine & crew. It's a little quick for another contri, but Dawg was so pleased with this set, he just had to share! We're hearing from so many nice people out there. It's so nice to know that the men, women and couples of naturist land appreciate the qualities of an "older" woman. Thank you all so very much for all of your kind words, the compliments are so good for a 46 year old ego :) We try to respond, but find that many times the E-mail address is incorrect or incomplete and they come back. Thanks naturist crew, we're having a great time! Please post in order in PS. Kisses, Pics by Dawg

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bien chaud Hello everyone!! After being away for months, it's great to be back! These pics were taken when I was resting on a single sofa. It was the first time we used available light. In this case, it was just a lampshade. I loved how the pics turned out. Hope you'll like them too. Hugs, Dyna


Sex machine. No story. Just a few random pics and a question for the ladies. Do size *really* matter? My wife has had big and small and says it doesn't matter. I would appreciate honest feedback. BTW, I know I need to lose a few pounds. I'm working on it now. Thanks!