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Hello everyone, I'm sorry if I have been a bit non-responsive recently - this is because I have just kinda emigrated to the UK and things have been pretty hectic, as you can imagine. The main problem has been a serious lack of access to the web, but we have found a place to live now and things will become better from now on, I promise. All this moving around has not stopped us from updating my website with totally new jpg galleries and videos at least once a week, from the time of it's launch back in the beginning of May. That's 30 times so far and we intend to keep this up for as long as we can. Go to the link below to take a look at all the different galleries we have uploaded. These pictures are some more of the clothes I go out and party in. Tight white hotpants and a see-thru silky top. It certainly grabs the mens' attention when I'm out and I hope you like it when I take it all off...Enjoy. Love and Kisses Spicyxxx

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DS did it again... here are a few early pics we took before posting for 1st time. Had alot of nice comments on last posting. If you dont like BBW please dont open just to say negative things. I'm a bigger girl,but know how to use it!!!!


Just getting warmed up!! After Shower My friends I am happy to share a wonderful story with you. I am Paul and I have got a lovely girlfriend, Lora by name! She is in the shower now and I am gonna watch her taking it! I peep through the keyhole and see her naked perfectly built body.