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69 - sixty nine - giving and receiving - 20 - beach

Cool Water....
I love being watched especially during sex, it really gets my juices flowing! One day my bf and I were in the car driving down the highway, he was driving, I was sucking his dick and a car full of guys were keeping up with us watching and cheering us on ( that got me really wet) then a little later it was my turn. I pulled my pants and sexy thongs off and he pulled out my breast and played with them, then started to finger me, a truck driver came up beside me and was doing his best to watch, I got even more excited, my bf started fingering me harder and faster as the trucker watched, I came so hard I squirted (YES I'm a squirter) all over the dash, and the seat was soaked. I came that way three times. It was so exciting and thrilling!! I can't wait for the next adventure!!!! Maybe next time a few women will be watching (I'm bi too) that would really be HOT!!! This is my first posting so be kind and hotter pictures will follow!

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Hot little dress Hi everyone! I'm glad you enjoyed my first Contri..It was sort-of a mixture of some of my favorite pics. This Contri is of a plage trip we took this July. It was a lot of fun! I love being naked outdoors! xoxo ~Jen


my wife likes to be seen Stripper I used to date putting on a private show for my buddy on his birthday. That was one crazy bitch. I will send the clip of her light her nipples with matches to Erotic vids. It was her trick to make extra tips.