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Plumber at my house
Hi voy-zonebers! Hi Kate, Jerry, and crew! Thank you for all the great comments on my Hedo pics. I have been so sick of winter I needed warm memories. Today made up for that. It was clear and hot. The perfect way to kick off March. I spent the afternoon laying on the strand, it was awesome! Summer's coming...I'm so happy! *EG* That's the best thing about this time of year in So. Cal. It can be out of control stormy on Wednesday, and two days later it's 90 degrees and crystal clear for the perfect weekend. We had 10 inches of rain in the last week. I was miserable. Today, beautiful, and tomorrow, near 100 degrees! When one of these heat waves hits I'm in heaven. Sexy clothes, bright sun to drive my car with the top down, and deserted parks for playing in while at lunch from work. Jamie just happens to carry his camera in the truck for days like this. Talk about relieving stress! Hehe!! These pics are from one of those lunches. We grabbed something from the local fast food place and then heading for this awesome park up in the hills. We found a secluded little corner, and I made the most of our hour in the sun! ;)~ I hope you enjoy! Love ya, Nikki ;)~

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ROMANIA-MAMAYA Sand These are pix from a recent trip we took to Las Vegas. After being a fan of this site for years I've finally convinced April to let me post some pix of her. My fantasy is that she'll make some friends here that we can invite over later.


................... heres a few pics from the wifes birthday in her new nightie .....thanks for all the great coments she recieved on the last 2 sets the coments keep the pics coming everyone let her know she is still sexy even after another year......redclouds pics are coming again soon....thanks