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I am not gonna name names but after *some* people gave me some shit after my last set of pics I promise I am not wearing anything with numbers on it in this set of pics! Heh. I did see in there though and in a few emails through our site that some people were asking to see me in some different colors and I thought I'd go with green because I only own like one green shirt out of my entire wardrobe. I dont like that it makes my hair look darker but if my hair were lighter blond it could work. David was going out of town last weekend for a business conference that sounded really boring but I tagged along anyways because it was at a really ncie resort/hotel thing. And I really dig these benchlike footrest things they have in there rooms because they are comfortable to stretch out on-ya know, like when you force someone to give you a massage or basically do all the work on you. I threatened my travel companion that I would tie him to it if he got out of line and I damn near did because he left me alone in the room for an entire day without the minibar key. Aside from sleep I think hotel rooms are good for two things sex and drinking. And that's why I would never be asked to write a travel guide. :)

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vacation 2003 *Cf Look What I Found In Here When my sweetie came home after a hard day at work, I couldn't wait!! So I dropped to my knees, unbuckled and unzipped his pants, and gave him what he wanted. I hope you enjoy it as much as HE did!! Love, Little Emma email me here:


the life of a submissive LilMs20percent loves requests!! In her last contri's comments several fans wanted to see her lips spread. And LilMs wants to give her fans what they want. So Max had to find a way to keep her sweet lips open for her fans. It worked!! What do you think!!