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Sexy babes chilling at the beach

I love the hot weather
Work Out - My wife and I were working out the other day when we both became very horny. Off came the clothes and we started fucking on the weightbench -which we found out was very interesting because you can tie the legs up with the overhead arm pulls! This is our first time posting to nudistand my wife isn't very excited about it. I would appreciate it if you would give her some encouraging feedback about her body. I think she looks good and I love fucking her. She gives great blowjobs too!! She may give many more pictures if you guys can build up her confidence. We often fantasize about another man fucking her while I watch, but we have never acted it out. Thanks, enjoy.

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found in a old camera Here are some pictures taken for your fans! We have 5 of the wife and 1 of the hubby. We love your site (joined 4 months ago)and visit daily. As usual, please don't publish our email... Call it.. "Bedroom Fun!"


A Few Years Ago... The St. James Gate brewery, the Temple Bar, Dublin's Castle, the Bru Na Boine World Heritage, Powerscourt Gardens (the irish Versailles), St. Kevin's complex (Catholic pilgrim), Ha'ppeny Bridge, & Benley's white chocolate!!!!