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Public Nude Beach Part 1

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We were driving north on route 50 towards Lake Tahoe and couldn't help but notice the white water rapids on the river that runs next to the road. We were looking for a place to pull over but by the time we found a turn out to park, we couldn't see the river anymore. After looking around we found a path that lead down to some picnic areas next to the water. We had a snack to eat, then took some pics out on the rocks. The crystal clear water was icy cold, which made my nipples stand at attention. hehe! It was a great day. Thanks to everyone for all the sexy messages, I love reading them. Please stop by and say hi if you have time. ;-) Luv, Natasha xoxo

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Love all, kiss all, Nicole this is the last part to the photoshoot. After this it gets explicit!..Oh and for that one person complaining about covering the tattoos, asanti is still a lil shy for full exposure, so relax if you don't like...carry on.


She didn`t know it. When outside is warm enough, sometimes in the mornings Lily makes small run and exercises at the nearest waterfront. And here is her small sporty and sexy outfit which often makes people look back. I thought you would be interested to see her workout even without these mini-shorts. Well, will try: