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Fuck On The Beach M27

All aboard in white!
Hi naturist gang, We are a contributor of old on the naturist but we have not been around for a while. This time I am contributing solo... well, not really solo but with someone other than my wife whom I have done my past contributions with. Actually, she was kind enough to take the pictures for me this time instead of being in them. These were done with a friend of mine..... I have a way of picking up wayward friends I guess... heheh Alanna is a dancer at a local Deja Vue club and I invited her to come up to a clothing optional resort that we belong to. To my surprise... she said SURE. After hanging out in the sun all day we were waiting for the coals on the bar-b-que to get ready and she noticed me walking around at half mast so to speak. She offered to "Help me out" with things and the rest is history... documented in pictures! Enjoy them.. I know I did. It was actually tough picking out a few that were tame enough for the naturist rules. I'm Taz.... not a playa, just one LUCKY son of a bitch..... Regards, till next time!

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A LITTLE INTERACTIVE Clip Hi there everyone, well my other two, or three I should say before this were titled so that after the first one, you could find me easily again, but it seems to make a few mad, so blame them for the title change. But as you can see it didn't stop me from posting! Enjoy!!