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When it comes to orgasm women definitely have the upper hand. Even in my youth I would be lucky to cum three times in a night of lovemaking. My wife on the other hand seems to be getting more orgasmic as she gets older. I have seen her have as many as ten full on, squirting, back arching orgasms in an hour. She can come with me rubbing, blowing, licking, or fucking her. But since my stamina is less than hers we usually stop while she has a few self-induced climaxes before I reenter the fray. By then I am usually so turned on by watching, I don't last long inside her. This clip is the end of one such night. It started with touching and licking in the living room. We then worked our way up to the bed. By the time she told me to take a breather while she grabbed her vibrator she had already climaxed four times. (She can make herself cum solo, any number of ways but the vibrator always works and fast.) It was no different this night. The clip is just the last of her additional intense orgasms. The picture is dark and grainy, (It was shot with an inexpensive camera hidden across a dark room) but when her legs shoot out and back arches as her voice turns to a guttural animalistic squawk, it is clear what is happening. After three of these I couldn't last any longer and I got back in the game.

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Goth chick expose Here as promissed is the second part of my visit to our local garage, and yes there were other members of staff around but others were inexplicably shy. The garage was also open and customers could have walked in at any time. Please call this `Garage Visit 2`. More to come !


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