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blonde teen Fabienne at beach

My first bathroom shots.
Here are some pictures of my 19yr old g/f, first-time contri-girl! I've been stopping by naturist and voy-zone for sometime now, but she recently found out and wasn't particularly happy to see me viewing other women. She thinks that I was doing it because she is inferior in some way. Quite the contrary, I think she has a fantastic body. She asked me to post a few pics and wanted to see what kind of comments were given to her. We've never visited the BulletinBoard, but we will have to from now on to see what people think. Hopefully *fingers crossed* that with some good feedback she'll want to do some more. She is also thinking about doing a webcam, let us know what you think about that on the BB. PDPMEM

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Hy, Boy! Play with me? Hello IHere my contri for the redclouds After a night out and to many drinks my ex gf and her friend attack me . Luckely i have a camera with a remote controll so i was able to shoot some nice pictures . Sometimes i didn't find the remote so quickly .... You can call these Night Owls


*Jo Maria - My Girlfriend Watching Emeril inspired me to try my hand at cooking! Don't try this at home, cooking naked is dangerous! Too many hot splatters. Well, we had fun taking pictures for you then we went out for dinner. xoxo Nikki