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more hard cock at the beach

Two of my lovers.
Here's the 4th part of One Hot Mama in Red. We really had a great time taking these pics, and hope you guys enjoy them.She loves flashes for me, and we wanted to share some of her many pics with the nice people here on naturist. For those that requested face pics, we're really sorry to say that we can't fill your request, because we have NO idea where those pics will end up. Neither of us are professionals, we do this STRICTLY FOR FUN!!! So please bear with us if the lighting, or angles or poses aren't quite up to the standards of the pro models here. We try to improve with every contri we post, and think we have for the most part succeeded. Once again, thank ALL of you for your support and encouragement. We understand that not everyone will think she's hot, and that's fine since everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'm quite proud to call her my wife,and that's the opinion she values the most. Thanks again, and please let us know if you liked these final pics. :)

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I love wearing panties Nikkie likes her toys turbo charged.She enjoys getting her toy ready for summer.They make a good combination she looks good the car looks good and she looks good in the car.She likes to go fast and loves cars has a 64 mailbue ss in the garage being restored.


Hi all! It's Manana. She is so excited about feedback on her last posts,she allowed me to take series of photo.I love to share those with you,`cause she loves the postings.Please put your nice comments,so that I can continue taking her more erotic pics for you.