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... these sexy panties from Francesca in the Contributors first ever 3-bucks-switcheroo. On the CBB, we thought it would be fun to buy sexy undies for each other, so names were drawn and the spending limit set to $3. What fun results you will find in our contris of our UNDIE SWAP ADVENTURES! I was so happy to find that I had been partnered with Francesca… I mean who wouldn’t be? She of the young long hair, amazing body and of course the friendliest girl you could ever wish to meet! It was so exciting that I wrote to her immediately to tell her how pleased I was. It was also pretty neat to receive an email back telling me that she was just as excited! We exchanged ideas on what we liked to wear, what colors we preferred etc. Waiting for the gift was just like waiting for Christmas. I was so excited when it finally got here and couldn’t wait to rip open the package! Imagine my surprise when I found not only the thong but a bra to match as well. (I found out later that her and Paolo had ‘studied’ my pics closely to get my size! *LOL*) My, this girl could shop!! *LOL* I couldn’t wait to try them on and like most women, let out a sigh of relief knowing that they fitted. *LOL* I just want to say thank you so much to Francesca, and if ever I am in need of a bargain hunter to partner me again, I’ll be hoping for you!

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She loves her toy hi everyone Have been looking for a while on this site and thought it was about time to submit some of our own pics.Hope you like, there are loads more where these came from and would love to hear your comments and requests !! enjoy x


KID ROMANCE We have sent in one other contribution months ago. Wife checks this board every day. January 27th is our 19th wedding anniversary. She has just gotten better with age. Please let her know what you think. Would love to hear from guys and girls and couples, especially in the upper midwest. Thanks and PDPME.