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Yulia.Sex on the beach.

Ann - all cum on me
Here's the final post (PART 3 of 3) of my recent trip to Miami (South Beach). If you saw my previous posts, I was in Miami at a trade show and got invited to a party held at this cool South Playa Bar called "ICE." I met the hottest bartender and after a wild night getting naked in public, flashing, etc, (see other posts), I decided to invite the bartender back to my hotel in South Sand. I was in the hotel lobby and had previously met a really cool night clerk at the hotel. I told him I would like to get naked and he said OK, go for it! He wanted to know if I wanted the lights on...LOL. So, OK, here we go- three posts to share these pictures from my fun with the bartender all over the hotel. Do any of you recognize this boutique hotel in South Beach? OK, I will answer on this final set. But it has been funny reading all the comments on the other posts about where this is. Here's the answer. Actually, a few of you had it right- it's the S S HOTEL in South Plage.

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Nice boobs with bottle Well folks after being very busy for the past few weeks, we were able to sit down together and pick out the pics for our 3rd and final contri from our hotel stay. We hope you enjoy them and be looking for some furniture store pics we took recently. They should post in a few weeks. Take care!


Merry Christmas to me Continuing from Voyeurweb... Romance finds more not-so-innocent ways of entertaining herself on the railroad tracks on a lazy summer day.... all alone... she follows her one track mind and explores the possibilities... as Romance Rides the Rails....