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I caught an earlier flight home from a business trip and arrived home in the early afternoon instead of that night as my wife had expected. Walked into the house and it was empty, the kids were at school and I found my wife sunbathing at the pool. Before I walked outside I noticed that she was caressing herself in a slow deliberate manner. I decided to just sit and watch for a few minutes. As it became apparent that she was beginning to masturbate, I ran to the den and grabbed my camcorder and began filming from the window. I’m sending in two parts due to the volume of pictures. In the first set she is just getting the juices going. In the second set she gets more serious, pinching her left nipple, and then crossing over to pinch and pull on her right nipple. Picture Voymast11 is where she actually cums as you can see by her toes pointing towards the camera. The last picture clearly shows a pair of swollen, well exercised pussy lips. Hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed filming it.

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Love the look from behond My wife Debbie caught on camera, then a pose or two, next asleep & unaware, then after getting tipsy at a party she flashes her boobs at one of the guys, & falls asleep on the sofa, we have a game to see how far we can strip her before she wakes


Driving naked Hi Kate, Jerry, Sailor, Asher and Crew. I hope that all of you are doing well. Shane and I took these a "bit" ago. ;) They are mostly "erotic" shots. hehe... I hope that you all like them. Take care, See yall soon. xxoo,