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I was very bad and had sex with another man without my Master's permission. This called for the ultimate punishment. I begged for forgiveness and confessed every detail. While my Master was out of town and had left me alone, how I had gone to a wonderful dinner with the sexy musician who I knew had a crush on me. The view was amazing, the steak the best I had ever had, the wine loosened my inhibitions. I invited him in and after another bottle of wine we were kissing and I could not say no, could not stop feeling good. I went crazy when I saw his beautiful white cock, larger and thicker than I had ever seen, licked every bit of pre-cum that leaked out and screamed uncontrollably when I straddled him and impaled myself on his monstrous manhood. I had never felt so stretched and lost all myself to the feeling of being filled. By the time he left it was almost morning. I told my Master everything, and his anger was loosed upon me even as he named me as the slut I am...

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I hope you like. Hello VW! Thought I'd let you all know that due to your requests, I have made some new videos for the site, and they will be up there soon! But to appease your eyes until then, here are some more nekkid pics! **BrookLynn**


Kisses Cristina's one of me gettin ready to get clean...hope you like and thank you kikki and may for your sweet as hell comments.....your both a couple of hottieskeep all the positive comments commin I love it sooo much and muah to everyone!