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Getting ready halloween
On my wayI passed two Norwegian teenage girls. I “broke the rule” of not having eye contact with pretty young ladies (in case that might scare them) and gave them just a quick glance to see their reaction, whichseemed aloof and disinterestted. The large group aftourists look like they’re from Germany, and that’s where the best NIP websites come from. Maybe they were used to the idea already?This may well have been the largest soap bubble I ever made, but oops! I spilt some soap bubble goo on my dick! (I assure you it isn't sperm.)In my wildest fantasies I had considered even continuing another 200meters to the main entrance and beyond across the busy inner ring road. But the photographer ran out of film, so here it ended (with soap goo on my dick) at the end of the bridge. It was GREAT fun! God bless you all and your human bodies! I’m almost 50 y/o, so don't expect me to look sexy. My motivation israther to express a sense of spiritual liberty. And I’m 100% hetero, but I’m not put down by all the gay-bashing comments like those I received previously (especially in Spanish) fromsinglemindedly sex fixated young men who expect to see just naked ladies and thus jump to the conclusion that I must be homosexual. I hope some of you will be amused by their puerile stupidity.

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More fun in the hot tub Hi all....I love to see men and women of all shapes and sizes with the confidence to flaunt what they've got. It's finally time for me to do the same with my very first contribution....I hope you all like what you see. Please let me know what you think.


BBW selfies M* Sun Worshipper - First time for me, what do you think, ladies? Been tanning all summer, wanted to share. Sorry about the blurring - my job, and all that... Nope, not gay (though should it matter here?). Now, on with the photos!