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Very horny milf rubbing boobs in nude beach

Hello naturist, crew, viewers, from, South Florida Couple.....We took care of all our Christmas stuff, were having a glass of wine, one thing led to another and she tried on a pair of hose she wanted to wear on New Year's Eve.....looked so good just had to take a few picts (lol). We had some decent shots so will send in "3" sets. Hope you enjoy. We will be in Atlanta with the Vols (Peach Bowl) will try to get some out door shots....(she wants to try). 44 YO, mother, wife, friend.....reasonable shape, nice tan, shaved, sexy (to me, anyone else ???) plays well with others. Flash----, the first 4 who give us the height of her shoes 3, 4 or 5 inches get 3 very "personal" picts from Pat....just keeping it fun..(CHECK your E-MAIL ADDRESS, if its wrong we can't reply... happens about 50% of the time. Be safe, and remember if its wet wear a "raincoat" when you play.

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une petite serie de nat These photos are from the original shoot. Often, when doing a shoot, there will be only enough good pics for one contri., but every now and then, things go well and we'll get quite a few shots suitable for posting.


Miss D from B Kate, Please find attached a few shots of a couple on a sand in the Canary Islands. They had no Idea this was being shot and the girl kept looking around to see if anyone was looking. No email por favor Regards